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Cafeteria Program
Posted 8/15/20

Butte Valley Unified School District

P.O. Box 709

Dorris, California  96023


August 14, 2020


To All Parents/Guardians;


Butte Valley Unified School District will start the cafeteria program on Monday, August 24, 2020.  Please know that to qualify for free or reduced lunch you must turn in an application or be direct certified by the state of California.  Students that qualify as paid may still get a lunch, but payment still needs to be put on your child’s account.


Lunches are to be picked up at the school cafeteria.  We will notify parents of the pick-up time.  If you live in Macdoel, please notify the school as soon as possible that you would like lunches.  Just a reminder that lunches are only available for students who are enrolled in the state program or who have paid.


If you plan on getting lunches on Monday, please call the school by Friday, at 397-3898.


Thank you.



Heidi Gerig